POSCO Family's Environmental Management Policies

Family's Environmental Management

Since our declaration of the "POSCO Family Global Environmental Management Directive" in December, 2010, we are establishing visions, strategies and execution plans with subsidiaries including overseas branches, suppliers and subcontracting partners to build and implement our environmental management system. We strive to become a truly environmentally friendly company by considering environmental ethical aspects not only in production but also in our overall business activities.

Global POSCO Family's Environmental Management Vision and Strategy

포스코 패밀리 환경 비전은 저탄소 녹색성장을 선도하는 환경경영의 글로벌 스탠더드 구현하는 것이며
        통합 환경경영체제 구축, 환경 리스크 대응 역량 강화, 열린 커뮤니케이션으로 이루어져 있습니다.

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